veloute schmouloute! blah!


the rule of thumb is: your sauce will only be as good as your stock. Amen to that! I used the turkey stock I had made after Christmas. I defrosted it and proceeded with the veloute. Well, we’re nearing the end of the reduction and the veloute is blah! Faintly turkey-ish flavors. Now that we have been tasting such rich brown stock and sauces, this is pale (its supposed to be) in appearance and flavor. Although, to be fair, it is the base of other “small sauces,” so there is hope to add more flavor and not waste the all expensive and precious butter that went into the veloute. Really, though, veloute is nothing but clarified butter, flour (I used cake flour, as it has the high protein content needed for thickening and won’t impart such a starchy flavor) and poultry. I can’t wait to get some chicken bones and start again on a proper chicken stock/white stock. Now, I have to figure out what will be next for this gallon of veloute sauce…..I think I see a cream of broccoli soup in our future menu….along with one “small sauce” from the veloute repertoire in my text.



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I am a mom of 3 home schooled kids, wife of 19 years, head chef/manager of cafe and a personal chef and event planner.
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