I am definitely NOT french!

I think its a total and complete myth that the French eat lots of butter, cheese and drink lots of wine and yet are svelte. hm. I admit their portions are smaller, and they most likely eat “cleaner” than we Americans, meaning less processed, prepackaged junk, but STILL! I stepped on the scale yesterday and I am definitely NOT french!

On the menu tonight: grilled marinated chicken with red pepper butter (see there’s that butter again!) with brown rice with spicy pecans. Will probably throw together a salad to go with it.


First step was to butcher the 2 chickens I bought. Yes, I bought whole chickens, 1-because I think they taste much better, and 2-because I want the bones for more stock, Baby! I LOVE making stock now. Its comforting. Its calming. It makes the house smell good. It slows down my days.  3-because right now I have the time to cut up chickens for dinner prep. ahhh. stock. LOVE it!

On to the butchering…..um. I have cut up whole chickens before. Not with any instruction, just going by my “gut.” This time I had my text book out, open to the poultry-cutting section, knife in hand. OK. There are pictures. Step by step instructions, can’t be that hard. First, cut the leg and thigh off. Easy enough. Just find the joint, pop it out and cut her off. Next turn the bird over onto the breast and find the backbone. Hang on to the tail and slice “in one clean motion” down the spine. uh huh. well, this bird “ain’t got no backbone!” hmph. Oh, at this moment, Vernon decides now is a good time to get the new faucet that he installed 2 weeks ago, which then got clogged from the work on the water lines from the well to the house, unplugged. No biggie. Except that I am covered in chicken goo from my hands to my elbows, and I may have wiped the hair out of my face too, so who knows where else the traces of chicken are…..so, I dance around his 6’1″ frame legs hanging out from under the sink while I continue butchering my birds. I figured since I was this far into it, I would try to de-bone the wing and legs too. The book says its EASY.  Just cut around the base of the leg, where the foot would be attached and make sure you cut through everything –the skin, the tendons, all the way to the bone. Then just peel back the skin, and pull it off. Next just twist the now bare bone and pull it on out. Uh Huh. There was NO PULLING it on out. Ended up doing a butcher “job” on my leg and thigh…left the bones in the other three legs.  I did skin it all though..after that the chicken pieces then went their separate ways. The bones and remnants went into the freezer and the edible pieces went into the white wine marinade for just over an hour. Did you know that if you marinate chicken too long it will become too tender and sort of mushy? Yep. The Book says so. From there they went onto the grill and smelled AMAZING!

Do you see what's missing? A sharp boning knife. Its on the list. 🙂

Now meanwhile, I got the rice and pecans going. Coated the pecans in a spicy mixture of butter (SEE!!! Butter!) Worcestershire sauce, cayenne powder, cinnamon and salt and baked them. Got the rice simmering with some of my homemade chicken stock.

So, went out and turned the chicken 90′ so it would get those lovely cross hatch marks. Came back in, started this post. Glanced at the clock, all is good…its 5:50pm and dinner is right on schedule. AND THEN it hit me. I had to leave and pick up my friend RIGHT now. are you kidding??? nope. now. We were due at another neighbor’s home for a ladies’ bible study in exactly 10 minutes. Got the chicken off the grill, plopped some roasted red pepper butter on the meat, pulled the rice off the heat, added the green onions that I cut on the severe slant and look really cool and sauteed them in, yep, you guessed it, more butter…4oz to be exact. added the spicy nuts and ran out the door! I didn’t even get to enjoy it until nearly 3 hrs later. But, oh my. The chicken was yummy, moist, very well flavored. I could even taste the thyme that was in the marinade. It was truly the best grilled chicken I have ever done. The rice tasted really good too, although I didn’t eat much of it but a bite or two. Remember all that butter??? Well, its landed on my hips and midsection and my jeans are a bit tighter than I like, so today is day 2 of my new routines. which include cardio, strength training, and carb-cycling. Today was a low carb day. I will have more rice tomorrow, probably at lunch. Whew! what an evening! what a great meal! Everything was such a rush, I didn’t take any pics for you of the final dish.  Sure wish you could have tasted and smelled it. It was fantastic! I do believe I will be preparing this rice dish for a company event this coming year, and maybe I’ll have the courage to grill some 30 servings of chicken in one fell swoop….maybe.

hope your meals are satisfying!


About wannebechef

I am a mom of 3 home schooled kids, wife of 19 years, head chef/manager of cafe and a personal chef and event planner.
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2 Responses to I am definitely NOT french!

  1. Tasha says:

    I want to know how you make your stock. Have you posted it anywhere and I just missed it?

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