I think I have a future as a food critic!

I know its been a while. First, our internet server was changed, and we’ve been w/o service for a few days, and the kids and I went on a 4-h trip to Boise over the weekend. Now I’m back, and we just this afternoon got internet service again. There hasn’t been a whole lot of cooking, but I did manage to get a couple dishes on my “assignment list” done.

I did a fillet of venison with coffee beans, served on a bed of creamy grits and a wonderful chili broth. Now, the kids strongly dislike the smell of coffee and don’t want anything to do with it. I didn’t tell them about the ingredients until they had nearly licked their plates clean. You grind up some coffee beans, add in some coco powder and a bit of cinnamon, rub this on the meat and let it marinate for 30 minutes. Then roast it in the oven. It was very tasty. I wasn’t too keen on the grits, but I think its a texture thing for me. I don’t mind it, but its definitely something I need to acquire a taste for. I am not giving up though. This makes 2 times that I have tried them.  My husband loves grits and fried corn cakes and such, so there’s no worries of left overs.  The sauce was once again the best component in the whole dish. I am learning just how important a good sauce is. You can really change a dish by the sauce.

The other dish is really a simple one, but I wonder how many of you have done it? Have you made poached eggs? They really are quite simple, but do take a bit of finesse. I made myself some for breakfast. I believe the key is the vinegar you add to the simmering water. I loved them, and really its a very healthy way to eat eggs, no frying, no butter for scrambling or any of that non-stick stuff. I was running low on time for lunch when Vern came in, so I quickly poached three eggs for him, put them over the re-heated grits from the night before, and topped it all with the chili broth. He said it was amazing and very tasty and perfect for his lunch that day. I was rather proud of serving a high quality restaurant meal for my hubby’s lunch!

You know, all this cooking and experimenting has really made me into a bit of a food snob though. This weekend my two oldest kids and I went to the state capitol for a Know Your Gov’t conference for 4-h. The first night was supposed to be a semi-formal dinner in the hotel ball room. The kids were coached on manners and good etiquette. So, after a plate of salad, dinner was finally served and it was prime rib, green beans and rice. Hm. The prime rib a.) tough, b.) gray or red, depending on which end of the roast you ended up with. Most of the kids thought it was gross and wouldn’t even touch it. My kids (13yr and 14yr) ate theirs, but it took a while, because it really was pretty tough. I wondered if the hotel just figured since it was for kids, why bother?? The green beans were limp and coated in a buttery flavored oil. The rice, well, it needed something. I ended up pouring a bit of the Italian dressing that was at the table into my rice.  Its too bad, because its supposed to be a fancy dinner and the kids should be enjoying and feeling special and grown up. Instead their opinion of adult food is gross and they will continue to eat their happy meals and processed chicken nuggets, thank you very much. The business formal breakfast wasn’t much better. I am sure the eggs come out of a giant milk carton and are just poured and cooked, and just nasty…..its just too bad. anyway, tomorrow is another day, grocery shopping on the horizon, more recipes to conquer. I think I have a future as a food critic!


About wannebechef

I am a mom of 3 home schooled kids, wife of 19 years, head chef/manager of cafe and a personal chef and event planner.
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One Response to I think I have a future as a food critic!

  1. Rebekah says:

    you are goofy. i loved it as much as i love you

    your doter Rebekah:)

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