the kids all say, “It tastes better than I thought it would, Mama.”

if you look in the lower left you can see the ripping leaves! The bane of my evening!


Chinese stuffed cabbage rolls.  Why would they be a challenge? Hasn’t everyone’s grandma made stuffed cabbage rolls at one point or other? Why did I think I needed to take on this particular challenge? Because I had never done it before. That’s the way I go about life. Do it because I haven’t done it before and it will stretch me. yup. good psycho-babble, eh?

begin by preparing your mise en place:

grate 4 oz carrots

mince 4 oz onions

soak and drain cellophane noodles

mince garlic 3 cloves

mince 2 oz fresh ginger

add 1 pound of hamburger to the above and mix well. Here’s my stumbling block: trim the stiff core of the cabbage, savoy cabbage in this instance, and steam, then cool. Meanwhile add soy sauce, and sesame oil to the beef mixture. Lay the cooled leaves out and fill and roll up (burrito style) then steam another 15 min or so, till done. There’s also a soy-based dipping sauce to go along with it. Do you have any idea how difficult it is to stuff and roll a leaf that has had its stiff core/stem removed?? It tends to want to continue to rip up the seam….extremely frustrating to us novice cabbage-stuffers. If there is anyone who has a tip, please share.

Taste: amazing! This is not your ordinary Thursday meatloaf night kind of dinner. Vern is in heaven, and In fact, while I was struggling through the assembly of the cabbage leaves and filling, my youngest came into the kitchen from her piano and exclaimed, “Oh! I’ve made those lots of times on “Cooking Mama”–her Nintendo ds game. My response: “Well, la de da to you, how do you keep them from continuing to rip?” she shrugged and went back to the piano, only to come back in later and announce, “Those are beautiful Mama!” Who is this 9yr old child and where did she come from?  My 9yr old thinks stuffed cabbage leaves are beautiful. I think I may have a mini-foodie on my hands! Yippee!!

the stuffing

prepped stuffed cabbage, ready for the steamer

the yummy, finished product

dinner is served!


About wannebechef

I am a mom of 3 home schooled kids, wife of 19 years, head chef/manager of cafe and a personal chef and event planner.
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2 Responses to the kids all say, “It tastes better than I thought it would, Mama.”

  1. 1Grammie2 says:

    You say to add soy sauce & sesame oil to the beef mixture and add there’s a dipping sauce. How about adding the rest of the recipe?!

    • wannebechef says:

      1Grammie2, that is a very valid point! I will have to find my notes for this post, its one of my earlier ones and I was learning (am still learning) to “blog”. I’ll get the recipe up by Monday. Thanks.

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