Jacques did it, so can I!

So, today was really busy and stressful and exiting. We went and looked at and purchased a horse trailer!! No more borrowing! The girls and are so excited.

there they are, Big Mama and her trailer!

The drive down, in my rear wheel drive 1 ton dually sled was another story, especially with my hubby doing the driving…we are passing cars on one side while there are other cars in the median, still running because their drivers had JUST lost control on the ice and landed there! Clairol had a booming day today I am thinking. Anyway, after a lot of negotiating, paper signing and such, we pulled out with our new trailer. Then we got home and quickly got our acts together to head into town and take care of insurance, banking and 4-h stuff. THEN it was off to dance class…..SO much fun! All this means that I caved and bought take and bake pizzas for dinner. The boys had finished the cabbage rolls from last night, so it was either pizza or omlettes…personally I could have easily gone with omlettes.

I finished the autobiography of Jacques Pepin last night. He’s a contemporary of Julia Child. It was a fairly interesting read, with some recipes sprinkled throughout the chapters. Jacques dropped out of school at 13 yrs old and he has become a world wide known chef, who NEVER went to culinary school! How cool is that?? He apprenticed all over France from the 13 yrs old on, and now he is famous, well respected and successful.



It was really cool to be reading about the sauces he was making, voulete, bordelaise, brown sauce….I have made them! I knew exactly what he was talking about. Too cool! Although I think he is a bit egocentric…which totally fits the stereotype of today’s chefs. Did you know that many chefs up until recently, with the advent of the Food Network were just considered manual laborers? Common workers, slightly skilled, but there was no honor, no prestige to go with it. People like Jacques have dedicated their entire lives to their crafts…..amazing. I have now finished reading Julie and Julia, My Life in France, and now The Apprentice- My Life in the Kitchen Jacques Pepin……hopefully art will imitate life in the Nelson household…..

Jacques did it, so can I!



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I am a mom of 3 home schooled kids, wife of 19 years, head chef/manager of cafe and a personal chef and event planner.
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2 Responses to Jacques did it, so can I!

  1. Rebekah says:

    i LOVE! that trailr and thruck they are awsum!:)

  2. wannebechef says:

    I love you silly girl! You make me smile!

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