I’m still hungry………hm, what will I do?

well, its time to clean out the fridge. We’ve been using stuff up, getting creative out of necessity, buying the horse trailer made us a bit tighter than usual just for a week. Tonight I pulled out some frozen soups. A garlicky roasted butternut squash soup that I only tasted because I can’t remember if it contains cream or not. My lactose intolerance has gotten very severe and I seem to be very sensitive now…even to milk chocolate chips. yes, I admit it. I had about a TBSP full as a quick chocolate fix last week, and the girls at bible study felt sorry for me. They could hear my tummy from across the room. It was very uncomfortable and a teeny bit embarrassing, so I just had a taste of the TOTALLY awesome squash soup. The other soup was the cream of broccoli that I made early on in my text book “assignments.” Added to the soups, the rest of the family had grilled cheese sandwiches on homemade bread…..what torture to not enjoy one myself! I on the other hand had two beautifully poached eggs on homemade bread, with a cheddar “cheese” (made from rice) over….wasn’t too bad.

eggs and toast

pictures aren’t so great, but it sure was creamy and tasty! I am LOVING poached eggs!

the family's grilled montery jack cheese sandwiches on homemade rye bread

roasted butternut squash soup

or what’s left of it anyway. I had to snap a quick pick before she ate it all! Those are chunks of feta floating in there…another of my favorites that I have to do without…..

I hope to get back on track with more skill sets from the text book this coming week.

I’ve decided that food is more than fuel. In my life it is. In a way, it defines me a bit…lot’s of areas to explore there. Will I let it control me? nope. This business of eating when I’m hungry and stopping when I’m not is challenging…challenging not to play the mind games and guilt trips……when I lift weights, I am HUNGRY! I need to be patient and see what happens. Today my son and I ran intervals for 20 min….and I am hungry!

here’s today’s food intake:

oatmeal w/golden raisins and cinnamon

3 egg white w/ one whole egg

1 piece of buckwheat bread with peanut butter

3 oz chicken, with 1 cup honey baked lentils

2 poached eggs, 1 piece of rye bread, rice cheese and 1 cup honey baked lentils…..

now I’m still hungry………hm, what will I do? drink water and make sure its not thirst I may be feeling, then if I am still hungry, I shall eat!

PS, something is up with my email, I’m hoping its back by morning……you can FB me…..


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I am a mom of 3 home schooled kids, wife of 19 years, head chef/manager of cafe and a personal chef and event planner.
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