Yo, Adrienne!

Its been a great Saturday. The girls had a 4h mtg and I got to just sit and visit with a friend for a while, then read for the remainder of the time. I am reading Upton Sinclare’s; Jungle.

Chicago Live stock yards, circa 1947

It may end up making me a vegetarian, or at the very least I will probably never buy mass-produced meats again. Yuck.  We are so blessed to have our ranch grown Angus beef and the chickens I bought from the Huterites. Watching the movie, Food Inc. also has changed my eating/buying habits.

The girls and I have started a new tradition. Their meetings are in another town and about an hour away, so now we plan to have lunch after the meeting. We found a great little Mexican restaurant in this little logging town. Since embarking on my culinary adventure, I have been eager to try to new things. Last month when we were there, I had the chicken mole. Their’s has peanut butter mixed in….it was ok, nothing I was oooing and awe-ing over. I wanted an authentic Mexican mole sauce. The restaurant is run by a Mexican family and seems pretty authentic. Today I had their house specialty: Arroz Con Pollo. Basically a chicken, onion, green pepper and mushroom saute in a “special sauce.” The sauce was really tasty. Turns out my mushroom experience this past week has over sensitized me. I couldn’t handle them, so I am ashamed to admit it, but I picked them out. Other than that the meal was pretty good.


Now, we girls had the house to ourselves last night and had burritos, real simple, nothing fancy. Well, there’s plenty for left overs tonight too. SO, this means I have spent the afternoon getting various breads started. I found 2 recipes for no-knead bread, a whole wheat and a rye. They are both supposed to be rising right now, but my last check isn’t inspiring confidence. I may need to stick to my text book for a while longer when it comes to bread baking. I also have a French Bread dough rising, (from the text book) and quite honestly I don’t have high hopes for it either. It sure seems like a stiff, heavy ball of dough right now. I’m supposed to let it ferment for about 2 hrs. I need it for tomorrow’s dinner of Chicken with 40 Cloves of Garlic.I will have to let you know how it all goes.

Tonight is movie night. My son is back home from his buddy’s place and he’s been looking forward to watching “The Expendables” with Sylvester Stallone. I love Sylvester. Rocky and I have a history, at least in my little world we do. All through grade school, every adult male that learned my name had to give it the old Rocky yell, you know, when he’s in the ring after his final knock out and his eyes are nearly swelled shut and he can barely stand and he’s yelling, “Adrienne”….or they would take the line when he was courting her, and greeted her and therefore me, “Yo, Adrienne.” I have read Sylvester’s biography. He’s an amazing man, much more than muscle. His speech impairment that we know him by was actually something the doctor did to him when he was born. Anyway, he’s an inspiring guy. Looking forward to the movie!

I take a lot of inspiration from Sly. His determination, his self control, his drive. He never gave up. He’s humble.

I am thinking about training for another half marathon. I have a friend who wants to change her life up a bit and I offered to do one with her, so I guess I should follow through, eh? I want to keep lifting weights and not lose muscle to cardio. Do you know that too much cardio will make you lose muscle tone? I love the look of muscle, that tone, the lines. So, yes I will eat when I am hungry, and stop when I am full, but I will really begin to focus on the quality. I am getting close to the point where I will be able to take some of the skills and taking some of the “mother sauces” or “leading sauces” and change them to a more healthier version, although butter lends such a richness. This will lead to experimentation and stepping out in faith. I will look up the old training schedule I used before and get going on it. I will have to trust my body to tell me when its hungry and I will have to trust that feeling and not freak out about the scale. I may even put the scale away. Out of site, out of mind. I stepped on it this morning and it was by 5 lbs from yesterday. In my rational moments I know this is because of weight lifting, and my muscles have taken on water to help them heal and rebuild, but my first gut reaction was : FAILURE. It was only a split second, and I squashed it quick, but not before it fully formed. Time to focus even more on retraining my brain!

You are beautiful, in every single way.


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I am a mom of 3 home schooled kids, wife of 19 years, head chef/manager of cafe and a personal chef and event planner.
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