chance to be in O magazine! Will that define me?

I had an interesting email today. Actually, it was a sparkmail. I, along with 200 others or so got an email about perhaps being selected to be in O magazine. Apparently we/I qualified for an article on women who have 100 pounds or more with out surgery and have never had their story published before. So, I was given questions to answer. How much did I lose, how did I lose it, what is life like now, what was it like before etc. I also had to send in before pics and current pics. So my kids went outside with me to take some current pics and I searched for some “befores” The before pictures are hard to come by, no one who feels that badly about themselves wants it to be documented. We usually strategically place a child in front of us, or just happen to always be the one behind the camera. Anyway, these are what I sent:


1999, probably over 278lbs here

taken feb 1 2011

Taken today



This last one was lightened up before we sent it. Its kind of exciting to even think about being in a magazine. They are wanting to run 2 articles, one about women losing a lot of weight, yet not knowing how to dress now,  the chosen ones will get a makeover, and women who have lost over 100 lbs w/o surgery. We had the option of applying for both articles.  You bet I am trying for either article. The only way we will know anything is if we are picked, the reporters will call us. The deadline was the 17th of this month. I just got mine in today. I’ll let you all know.


Last night was dinner on the go. From 4-5pm I took a Yoga class, FIRST time ever, by the way, and then had a meeting at 6.  I made dinner earlier in the day. It was Southwest Black bean soup. Very tasty. I put some in the thermos and packed a bowl and spoon. This was last night’s dinner:looks kind of weird, especially in an orange bowl, but was very fragrant and tasty. Its going to be served in the cafe this summer. Great vegetarian option.

Tonight is salad nicoise, but instead of tuna, it will be grilled venison.


So, I was pondering how we identify ourselves. If you had to leave out; motherhood, wife and your job description, how would you define yourself? Remember how powerfully we use numbers to identify us? The size of our jeans, the number between our toes etc. I even define myself by the number lost.Or how many sets I can do, or how much weight I can lift, or how fast I can run, or how many calories I’ve had. I am creative, loving, thoughtful, humble, grateful, strong, loved, a princess in my Father’s kingdom. How about you? Do you define yourself by your successes? By failures? If someone were to write an article on YOU, not your job, what would you want them to know?


On a side note, I got my first training day in, in the rain, it was great! Just 2 miles but felt good. Also got some prep work done in the cafe to get some stuff in the freezer for the upcoming season. Its already looking busy!



About wannebechef

I am a mom of 3 home schooled kids, wife of 19 years, head chef/manager of cafe and a personal chef and event planner.
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2 Responses to chance to be in O magazine! Will that define me?

  1. Janey Backer says:

    oh wow, what an opportunity! Praying that God leads to the right open doors!

  2. Congratz on the weight loss and good luck. Hope they pick you. That would really be cool.

    The Grumpy Man

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