Top 10 and Committed!

Salad Nicoise.

holding it by the window to get some natural light

My new favorite. definitely top 10.

I made mine with grilled venison, instead of grilled tuna–due to the bottom line of the last grocery receipt. It was fantastic! Just look at all those flavors! The eggs had a creaminess to them and the fingerling potatoes were just barely sweet. The green beans were steamed and blanched and still had a nice “bite” to them. The acidity of the tomatoes was wonderful. The cucumbers were cool and refreshing paired with the sweet tang of green peppers. The olives and artichokes added the right amount of pickled flavor. The venison was grilled simply with some Montreal Steak seasoning. There was a simple homemade vinaigrette drizzled over everything. This was OUTSTANDING. An excellent choice for a special Sunday lunch, or a low carb special meal.

recipe follows end of post

By committing to myself to work my way through a culinary arts school text-book, I have experienced so many new flavors and tastes and wonderful combinations. This has been a great experience. I am enjoying every new recipe.

Some things that I have been reading lately have got me thinking. Commitment is a big deal.  Yet in our culture it’s not such a big deal. It’s hard to get someone to commit to meeting for coffee and have them actually show up.

What does it mean to commit to something? Someone?

I think it means that you change the way you live. Whether it’s a commitment to someone, or something, job, new way of eating, quitting smoking, (yourself) etc. To truly commit means to change your life. You change the way you do things. You have a focus on what you’ve committed to.

Can you think of someone who had such commitment to reach a goal that they inspired you?

I choose Julia Child for one. She was unstoppable in her quest for her goal, in her commitment to cooking. She was also committed to her husband, unfailingly. Next I choose Sylvester Stallone. If you’ve ever got the opportunity, read his autobiography. The things he over came and the drive he had to succeed and the way he tackled building his body are inspiring to me. Also, I am inspired by Abraham Lincoln. His love for the nation drove him on, through many trials, many times an ordinary man, with a mediocre will to lead would have given up. I could list fitness models, or body builders or modern-day chefs etc, but these three stories had an impact on me.

How about you? Who do you admire? Who’s commitment to a goal that was achieved makes you want to try harder? I don’t know about you, but I thrive off of personal challenges. I want to do something that demands the best I’ve got. It changes too. Once I meet whatever goal I had set, another is soon on the horizon. I was created to LIVE life. Every minute of it. I don’t want to squander it on “what-if” or “sure would be nice if someone did something about_______.” Be that someone.

My goal right now is many folds. I want to change society’s power over women’s psyche. I want to be the Adrienne that God intended me to be. Right now, that’s a mother, a wife, a friend, daughter, sister, chef, and some sort of voice to be heard on behalf of women. I want you to be strong. I don’t care what your scale says, or even what your pant size is. I want your heart to beat strong. I want you to walk without pain. I want you to be proud of who you were created to be. Stand taller. Stand for what you believe. I want you to walk in a room and not compare yourself to every other female in the room. Be comfortable in you. Stand up for you.

So, many of us have committed to a  new “healthier” life style. What does that look like? Can the people around you see it? Can they see your commitment to yourself? You will inspire others if they can actually see that you are committed. Commit to yourself. Commit to do your very best. Let nothing get between you and your commitment.

You belong.

You fit right in.

Right here. 

You matter.

Here’s a great statement I read earlier today: “Personal commitments make it possible to stay pure and to resist the pressure when EVERY FIBER in your body wants to do what everyone else seems to be doing.” (In my case eating chocolate!!) by: Chip Ingram

This is not a “good intention” or a desire to “try harder”. This is where the rubber meets the road.

Have you or will you commit to yourself?

How about committing to trying this recipe! 🙂

Salad Nicoise


this one was literally begun and finished in 34 minutes. I was late to bible study and just flying in the kitchen. That includes the grilling, boiling, blanching, chopping etc.

Mise en place: wash and chop basil in chiffonade

hard boil eggs and chill

wash lettuce and tear

boil and quarter potatoes and chill

wash and cut bell peppers

grill meat and chill


red wine vinegar, 4 fl. oz

salt and pepper TT

virgin olive oil, 12 fl oz ***I DID NOT use this much. I used 4 oz for the whole meal, everyone’s servings combined****

fresh basil leaves, chiffonade, 12

tomatoes, 6

cucumbers, 1 lb 8 oz

green beans 12 oz

hard-boiled eggs, 6

marinated artichokes, 6

romaine lettuce 1 head

new potatoes boiled, quartered and chilled ***I used fingerlings, and served them warm with that drizzle of vinaigrette, awesome!*

green bell peppers, sliced thin, 2

tuna, fresh, grilled and chilled 1 lb 8 oz ***I used venison loin and served it warm on the bed of lettuce***

nicoise olives 4 oz

make a vinaigrette dressing using the red wine vinegar, salt, pepper, olive oil and basil

core each tomato and cut into quarters

peel and slice cucumbers

trim green beans and cook al dente

peel eggs and quarter

line each plate with ripped lettuce, then arrange the remaining ingredients artistically. at service time, whisk the dressing to combine ingredients and pour a drizzle over each salad.

Fricken amazing!


I hope some of you try it.

Tomorrow is my second training run. Something else I have committed to! and I plan on following through to the best of my ability! Had a great cardio dance class today. I LOVE it. The music is awesome, the instructor is great and you feel so flipping good when your’e done! My knees get sweaty for Pete’s sake!

Until tomorrow,




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