Life is like a loaf of bread.


Beginning of rye bread, the "sponge"

Here is the beginning of the rye bread sponge. OR, here is a picture of you, thinking something needs to change, your diet, your exercise, learning to say “no” etc.

the sponge after an hour's rest

This is the sponge after resting for an hour. OR this is your mind after thinking about what needs to change. You are bubbling inside, with enthusiasm, with excitement, with determination, you are anxious, can’t wait to start, to DO something. Or perhaps this is your mind thinking about the changes and its full of fear….

the rye bread dough

Here is the rye bread dough, the sponge after all the other flour has been added and kneaded for 10 minutes. OR, this is you after you’ve made your decision to change something, you’ve gotten excited with determination and now you are putting it all together, this is you after researching and sharing with supporters your plans. You are poised for success! Expectation oozes out of you!

this is the rye dough after resting for an hour

This is the rye dough “doubled in size.” OR this is you and your self-confidence that has doubled in size because you are taking action in your own life! You are making changes for the betterment of you! Look at the P-O-T-E-N-T-I-A-L!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

beauty in a pan!

This is actually the whole wheat bread I was working on at the same time as the rye bread. This is beauty in a pan.

the rye dough resting

This is the rye at rest, ready to rise…OR this is you, ready for action, ready to prove yourself. Your potential is brewing, the things going on inside are just bubbling and percolating, ready to expand to fulfill all that  is waiting for you! Things look like they are quiet, but the gluten is stretching, the yeast is eating, just like inside you, your metabolism is humming, your cells are partying! YOU GO GIRL!



Here they are! Beautiful, fragrant, successful loaves! Full of nothing but nourishment and goodness! OR, this is you, after all of your hard work, planning, determination, fortitude, S-U-C-C-E-S-S!!!!!



The rye loaves. I just got these cool pans this weekend, and I should have either just used one or doubled the recipe. They are longer than regular bread pans. Oh, well, lesson learned right?? JUST LIKE life, just like trying to lose weight, or gain strength or improve your endurance, you learn as you go, make note of what doesn’t work and improve the next time.

Here’s the recipe for rye bread:

1 lb unbleached white flour

8 oz rye flour

3 oz dark molasses

water, warm, 20fl oz

1/2 oz active dry yeast

1.5 oz nonfat dry milk powder

2 TBSP caraway seeds

salt 1 TBSP

1 TBSP butter

egg wash

stir the flour and set aside. To make sponge, combine the molasses, water and yeast, add 8oz of the flour mixture. Stir vigorously for 3 min. Cove the bowl and set aside to rise until doubled. Stir in the milk powder,, caraway seeds, salt and butter into the sponge. Transfer the dough to a mixer with a dough hook. Gradually add the rest of the flour, 2 oz at a time, mix on low-speed for 5 min. Transfer to a greased bowl, cover and place in a warm place until doubled, approx. 45-60 min. Punch down and divide into 2 pieces. Shape and put into pans that have been lightly oiled or dusted with corn meal. Brush loaves with egg wash and let rise until doubled approx 45 min. Bake 375 approx. 25 min. Enjoy!

I JUST made these yesterday, and tonight we had chili for dinner, and everyone has been eating these breads all day, plus tonight for dinner…..there’s hardly any left! FOUR LOAVES!!! sheesh!




About wannebechef

I am a mom of 3 home schooled kids, wife of 19 years, head chef/manager of cafe and a personal chef and event planner.
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