Its Sunday! Weight Watchers anyone?

Good afternoon! Its Sunday!! Tomorrow is a brand new beginning. What are you going to do this week, to make yourself stronger? I am thinking about doing the Weight Watchers plan. I know, I know, all this talk about eating when I am hungry and stopping when I am full and seeing how that goes, yada, yada, yada…. Here’s where I am at. I think I should be able to eat “normal” and as long as I’m doing my workouts, I should maintain. Well, here’s where I struggle. I do not want food to rule my life, and I know I’ve written that so many times y’all are sick of it. BUT, I have been just eating when I am hungry, and rather “mindfully” too…not just willy-nilly ’cause I am bored eating; and I am not maintaining, I am gaining. SO, this is where it gets real. Maybe my genetic make-up is such that I cannot be like my best fried who appears to be able to eat anything she damn well pleases and not change her body composition. Yes, this makes me angry.  I want that. I don’t have that. I won’t have that. Food will always be something I have to be conscious of. I do not have to let it rule my life, or feel like a failure because I have let it get the best of me at times. So, yes I am considering a weight watchers plan type thing for the next month and see how that goes.  I almost feel like a fraud to you all for even considering this. I know all about nutrition, Goodness knows I have studied the subject voraciously. (pun intended) BUT my life is getting busier and I feel like I just need to get a handle on this again. So, I will give it a go. What do you think?

Just for kicks, here’s a picture of my daily breakfast:

Almost every body builder I have read about has oats for breakfast. They are an awesome carb, full of good stuff! I have 1/2 a banana sliced, 1/4 of an apple diced, 1 tbsp of peanut butter, and some cinnamon sprinkled on. GREAT way to start the day!

I am still training for the half marathon. I did 4 miles Saturday while my girls were at a 4-h horse bowl. Its been a crazy busy weekend. Friday night I had dinner with a friend, her hubby is out of town and she needed someone to talk with. I gave in and had an awesome chicken dijon, which I know was not the “good” thing to do food wise, but it sure tasted lovely! Then Saturday after the day in town for 4-h and my run, my hubby took me out to dinner at a Thai place, and you bet I had to order my favorite red chicken curry…..sigh. Kudos for me though, I watched a movie in the theater w/o movie theater popcorn!Today (Sunday) we had church, then invited some friends over for lunch, then I had a cake decorating 4-h mtg to lead. These are pics of my youngest daughter’s cake, she’s 9 yrs.


Now here I am, trying to get caught up.

Currently I am downloading stuff to i tunes and I have a double batch of buckwheat bread rising. I should get a double batch of whole wheat bread going too, although its late in the afternoon for all this.

Not much cooking from the text book for family dinners, hopefully that will get back on track this week.


Its ok to admit we need help with diet and exercise.  I have nothing to prove to anyone….really not even to myself. I have lost over 100lbs and am wearing size 12’s to prove it. I can remember when I couldn’t get 12’s past my knees. I can run. I can lift weights. I can ride horses. I will be at peace with my decisions. I will always have to consider food and fuel intake. That’s ok. That’s me. Its how I am made.How much sense does the name “weight watchers” make?? Ironic.

Thank you Father for showing me.




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I am a mom of 3 home schooled kids, wife of 19 years, head chef/manager of cafe and a personal chef and event planner.
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