“Positive expectations are never a substitute for doing the difficult work.”

I have been thinking about this post all day. In the morning I got my very first sour dough bread going. I made the starter last night, so its still young and not sour, but it worked! During the first rise I did my bible study, and began thinking about this post. Second rise I took it to the cafe with me. I spent 4hrs in the cafe, and got 8 turkey pot pies made. I wish I would have taken my camera with me.  I put my bread in the pans for the 3rd and final rise, and baked them while doing other things in the kitchen. After that, I ran the neighbor kids home and started dinner. (Swiss steak and brown rice and steamed broccoli) while dinner was simmering, I went out to the garage and lifted weights. It was 7pm. I almost didn’t go out, it would mean a late dinner. I am so glad I did! I got 3 sets of military presses, upright rows, straight arm lifts, skull crushers, tricepts dips, bicep curls, hammer curls, concentration curls, push ups (not modified ones either!–oh Yah!) bench presses and chest flies in!!

All the while thinking about how to communicate this to you.

You are precious.

You were created with the utmost love and care. There is so much pressure to be cookie cutter people. Individualism only exists in marketing gimmicks. There is little to no acceptance of uniqueness in our culture.


I am doing a bible study of Nehemiah. I am finding many parallels to my life in this study. Isn’t that the way it should be?? 🙂

Nehemiah’s burden: rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem.

My burden: rebuilding women’s hearts.

Some tried to halt his work with insults, ridicule, threats and sabotage, some workers became fearful and weary.

I nearly expect some of those repercussions from this blog. What right have I got to “preach” to you? None. But I have been there, I’ve done that. Maybe I can help. Are you fearful?  Of what? Success? Failure? Are you weary? Of forever chasing that cookie cutter dream?

What happens in our world to us? To our self-worth? We are ridiculed–sometimes in childhood, sometimes by strangers, sometimes by that inner voice, sometimes by the messages pushed on us from TV etc. People see you trying to change, trying to make a difference and they threaten, insult you…”You will never….. why bother???” As soon as you begin to see yourself worthy and loved, you will have obstacles, trials, tests to see if you are really committed, if you have enough faith. In yourself. In God. In knowing that you are not an accident, you are not a mistake. Your Father doesn’t make screw ups, doesn’t make failures. Yes, I grant you that we have surely messed up, all on our own. We have eaten too much, not enough, we eat fake food, not enough physical movement, too many workouts, we smoke, we drink, we obsess, we have a careless attitude, we push the boundaries of our health. Did we just give up on our selves? Do we believe the culture that says, unless we are size___, weigh____ or unless we can achieve these requirements within a ridiculous amount of time we are failures.  Maybe. Probably. WHY??? How maddening this is.


I was in a short discussion on something similar. My friend is BEAUTIFUL, strong, she can RUN for miles! Yet, she stepped on the scale and was miserable and mad and angry and depressed. She’s worked so hard for so long and the stupid scale doesn’t move. “What’s up with that,” she asks. “What am I doing wrong?”

Nothing! We are each carefully created, individually and uniquely. My 165lbs will not look like your 165lbs, because we are UNIQUELY made! I want you, women, to be healthy and strong and not constantly compare ourselves to one another, because we ARE unique.

My goal is to show you and in the process learn these lessons myself, that you are valuable. You are an incredible creation. You were not an accident. (My bread today was a happy accident!–more on that later)

Great quote I read today: “Positive expectations are never a substitute for doing the difficult work.”

We can think about it all day, for weeks, we can read and plan and make lists, for months. With all of our thinking and planning we know it SHOULD turn out the way we expect it to. That only happens if you get down and dirty and commit. Your positive expectations are worthless unless you are ready for the opposition, ready to grit your teeth and fight. Push on, push through.

Nehemiah wanted to return to Jerusalem to reunite the Jews and remove the shame of Jerusalem’s broken down walls.

I want to gather a sisterhood of women and show you; you are His daughters, created with careful attention and I want to help remove the shame of your broken down self-image and self-worth.

Are you in?

I want to inspire you to take charge of your health, to care for your body as something precious, something custom-made for you, with love. From here on out you are not allowed to speak badly about this creation God made of you. No more guilt trips, no more using shame for motivation.

here is an assignment:

everyday this week, write down one thing you love about your body. Be thankful for it.

Mine: I love my legs. They are strong and can take me up to the high peaks and across the distances as well as onto the soccer field with the kids. I can cue a horse, and I can pedal a bike up hill. Thank you Father for giving me strength to press on.

As a side note, I am trying out the Weight Watchers idea, and have to figure out how important the scale is going to be to me. Since I am doing it my own way, from materials a friend gave me, I don’t have to weigh-in, I can use my clothes as a gauge.  That is what is motivating me now, my jeans. They are tighter than they used to be, so its time to get back in the saddle again.

Today’s bread:

It was my first experiment with sour dough in years. I made the starter last night, so it’s too new to taste sour, but the bread came out. I was surprised. It called for  cracked wheat, of which I had none, so I substituted wheat bran…exact measure for measure. this meant the water was off and I just had to keep dinking with it and eye balling and in the end I have 2 gorgeous loves! So lesson for today: If you don’t have everything you need to succeed, on hand, right now, do you give up? Or do you “make do” and get started and get your hands dirty??? press on!

Tomorrow’s marathon training: 30 min run.




About wannebechef

I am a mom of 3 home schooled kids, wife of 19 years, head chef/manager of cafe and a personal chef and event planner.
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2 Responses to “Positive expectations are never a substitute for doing the difficult work.”

  1. Janey Backer says:

    Good blog!

    Love this ” So lesson for today: If you don’t have everything you need to succeed, on hand, right now, do you give up? Or do you “make do” and get started and get your hands dirty??? press on!”

    I am trying to spring clean and declutter while we are on spring break. And I have had to realize that success does not mean one finished room per day as I want. Success means I moved forward and did what I could. I can rejoice with my progress or be condemning because I didn’t reach my unrealistic goals.

    I really feel that if I get the house sized down a bit and part with things that I don’t love to care for that then I can see the time to care for me! I don’t care for me because I see all the house stuff that is suffering. So I will need to balance this out and care for each in a manner that is doable. But for now I realized that I own too much stuff and it is too burdensome. Guess all that Flylady reading did sink into my head/heart and now I am applying it…..
    sorry for the meandering thooughts!

    • wannebechef says:

      Oh Janey, you make me smile! You make my day! I know what you mean. Rejoicing with progress made is so good! I know about not getting my workout in, because I don’t want to leave the house looking like it does. You have a sympathizer here! Flylady sure did teach me a lot too!

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