Thoughtful Thursday, waging war, crepes and more!

I have been thinking about my menu planning for a while. You see, while working my way through my culinary text-book, I generally spend about 2 hrs creating a menu of our family dinners for two weeks at a time. (with the grocery list to coincide) I have been wanting to simplify the process, and not go all lazy either. So I have come up with this list as my guide. Next week will be first run through.

Mediterranean Mondays

This one is self-explanatory and leaves me wide open for any dishes that originate in the Mediterranean.

Test Kitchen Tuesdays

This means it will be a new taste to me, new recipe, new combo, or something new.

Waste Not Wednesdays

This will be left-over day!

Think Ahead Thursdays

These are scout mtg days, so something in the old crock pot would be very beneficial!

French Fridays

another self-explanatory day

Saucy Saturdays

This one is rather broad, but must include a homemade sauce of some sort, white, brown, mother, tomato etc…

Simple Sundays

This is the Sabbath day in our home, so I’d like to keep the food fairly simple so that I am not always spending the day in the kitchen, but RESTING! Especially once the crazy work schedule sets in. It may end up being a lot of roasted chickens!

This all looks good now, but once soccer season begins, I may have to tinker again.

What do ya think? Like the list?

We really are, “Women at War!”, read on to see how I got here:

So, tonight at scouts I was in a conversation with 2 other mothers. We got onto the subject of body image (imagine that) and how media affects us. I can not believe how much of a sister-hood we have! Total strangers, who, on the outside have only the fact that they have boys in the same troop in common, can get started on body image and what frustrates us, what should be important to us, how we got this way, where our self value comes from and suddenly its like we’ve been sisters in the same family for all of our lives! One who looks like someone who has no weight issues AT ALL (yet she weighed 225 once–and I would have NEVER guessed that!) and another who has lost 57 lbs over the last year and then me, who’s been to the extreme and now trying to find a “norm.” One thing we realized: TV has a huge impact. Commercials. Movies aren’t as focused on body composition, yes, I know they are somewhat, but not like commercials, or general TV. Another: why don’t men feel the same pressure. I know they aren’t out of the firing range entirely, but they don’t feel the pressure we do to look like a cookie cutter woman. My theory: it’s because women are the shoppers, so the marketers aim at us, with both barrels, full of shame and guilt to get us to buy the next hair color, age-defying makeup, nutrisystem etc. Think about this: dog food is marketed to people. If a human thinks it looks tasty, or smells good, then chances are they will purchase that brand over one that is only fit for dogs approval. Lets face it, they eat their own puke. That’s how we are manipulated. We must rise up and wage war! Fight my sisters! You are beautiful!

No More!

Some pictures that have been floating around me:

I relate to this, above. This was me. How I felt. I was in there somewhere!

I can’t make this any bigger, but here’s the copy that goes with it:

My Butt is Big
and round like the letter C
and ten thousand lunges
have made it rounder
but not smaller
and that’s just fine
it’s a space heater
for my side of the bed
it’s my ambassador
to those who walk behind me
it’s a border collie
that herds skinny women
away from the best deals
at clothing sales
my butt is big
and that’s just fine
and those who might scorn it
are invited to kiss it
Just do it

A drawing I came across that seems to symbolize us.

Quick summary of the rest of the day:

The crepe cafe!

Today in the cafe I made 52 crepes and 15 quarts of turkey stock. I am hoping to freeze the crepes for a future seminar meal for 24, featuring mushroom and chicken filled crepes with a mornay sauce. I’ll let you know how they freeze. Too funny: I had a French lady in the museum today, who came into the cafe “just to look” and the smell of crepes was beckoning her.  How does that happen? French crepes and French lady there to critique! I was “flipping” them in the pan and she wanted to watch! I can never flip successfully when someone is watching! (I did actually did do okay while she was looking over my shoulder) I didn’t even eat one crepe. They have milk in them. Made that easy for me!

Still doing the weight watchers, my way, and having a hard time staying in my “points” but since it’s the first official week, I’m okay with it, an adjustment. I am also working (still) on coming to a peace about always having to be mindful of my food. I had a weak moment last night. I was just over tired and the enemy was attacking my peaceful mindset of accepting my body and I was really hard on myself last night. My poor hubby is such a patient man! He listened with a very loving heart. Then after all the “woe is me” crud, and “how could I give in to temptation so easy?” whines, I checked to see the damage this morning and I’m actually down 2 pounds. Hmph.

I know better. I know better than to give in to those weak moments and allow those manipulative feelings come through and lay guilt trips on my psyche. I was over tired.

I will push on. I will fight. I will be a warrior for women, my sisters!  I will be a voice for my sisters.





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I am a mom of 3 home schooled kids, wife of 19 years, head chef/manager of cafe and a personal chef and event planner.
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