52 days to rebuild a wall

Nehemiah motivated his people to rebuild the wall protecting Jerusalem in 52 days. This was definitely accomplished with God’s help. This wall is said to have been 4.5 miles long, 24 ft at the base and just over 26 ft. tall. By hand. No power tools. No machinery.

Could we take 52 days to accomplish something similar? Rebuild our health. Our hearts. Our self image. Our confidence. Our relationship to our Father? To change our lives? How about changing our mental dialog? With God all things are possible, as evidenced by Nehemiah’s wall. How about looking at it like this: 52 days to build a wall of protection from the world, the cultural onslaught of cookie-cutter women. 52 days to rebuild the strength of your life.

So, what work needs to be done? How are your walls in their current state? How’s the foundation? Is it crumbly?  Mine is pretty stable, there are a few holes here and there that need to be fortified:

My internal dialog.

My weakness in allowing culture to define my well-being,

Looking at my widest part first in the mirror and feeling shame.

My walls are stronger in the areas of exercise, physical strength, allowing the Lord in more and more with morning study.

52 days from now will be: May 24. Are you in? That is just 6 days from the half marathon. Awesome! Great motivation for me!

The first thing Nehemiah did was pray. He turned to the Lord for guidance and protection and fulfilling the needs necessary to build. What will be your first step?While he prayed a plan formed in his head.

Next he trusted. Then he went into action.

What will your plan be? No more snacking after dinner? (Brush your teeth right after dinner, quick cure for munching) no more eating in front of a screen? Walk for 15 min then turn around and walk back? Lift weights? Do some sit ups? Eat something green everyday?Make better choices? Play with your kids? Take the stairs? Park farther away?

My plan: continue to train for the half marathon. Instead of focusing on my tummy in the mirror, I will try to find something I like….or maybe just avoid mirrors for the rest of the day after getting dressed in the morning. Pray for protection from the cultural pressures. Find some accountability.

My prayer:

Ladies, sisters,

You see the bad situation we are in. Our hearts are desolate and our self-worth has been tramped down by our culture. Come, let us rebuild our hearts so we will no longer be subject to reproach–from ourselves, culture. Look at what God has done for me. I am healthy and strong, I have lost 120 pounds. I can run and play. I know I am loved. I am worthy. I belong.

food post coming next. Had to get this one off of my chest.


About wannebechef

I am a mom of 3 home schooled kids, wife of 19 years, head chef/manager of cafe and a personal chef and event planner.
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2 Responses to 52 days to rebuild a wall

  1. Janey says:

    Fantastic idea, love it! I will do it but have to decide what I will do.

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