Rainy run, still fun!

A picture post of my run.

the beginning. This is Gamlin lake, still frozen.

my two running partners, Finnegan and Ellie

pretty little creek running into Gamlin Lake at the beginning of the run.

Ellie Mae trotting along with me.

taking a quick break while a car passes. I make them sit and wait. Finnegan is on top, Ellie is closest.

on the road again, Gamlin lake is on the right.

This spring I plan on hanging a right and running in here along some trails.

the first HILL. Ugh.

top of the hill, other side going down

That’s Lake Pend Orielle in distance

cool old fence

Pend Orielle lakethe lot next to previous picture. I love the moss!

running and fuzzy!

the view at my turn around point, lake Pend Orielle, 2 miles from home

rain drop proof

glimpse of blue sky! Gave me a surge of energy, near mile 3.5

heading back, now Gamlin is on the left, my home is in the distance. I plan on going a .5 mile beyond the driveway.

another hill, past home

saw 12 elk on the left in this same spot yesterday.

about ready to turn for home quick! That's where the smile comes from

HOME! The dogs know where to go! This is our driveway.

Home sweet home! Notice its getting brighter??

Yah Baby! 5 miles in the bag! Rain or shine!


The hat is courtesy the 60 minute crew. I got to cater for them a few years ago, (about 80 pounds ago!)

5 mile training run in the bag. Next post will be the carb load gnocchi from last night!


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