day 6 symbolic wall building, breakfast recipe, catching up

It is so quiet. The only sound I hear is the hum of the computer motor, my typing on the key board and the dryer is running.

I can smell the multi-grain sour dough bread dough that’s on the counter, in its second of three risings, and our ranch raised Angus beef roast that is in the crock pot with fresh from the garden parsnips and carrots. (My husband wintered them over, in the soil, covered with straw.)

I have just put on some comfy sweats and T-shirt, I have a cup of comfort steaming next to me. My hair is lightly blown dry, just enough to keep the chill away. I did six miles today. That’s the most I’ve run in one session in about a year. My ankles ache a little, my knees began to feel hot towards the end, but everything is settling in.

The kids have friends over. All six children are outside. (thank you Father for the blessing of peace.) This is a rare moment for me.


I’ve not been as inspired to write as of late. How are you all doing on your wall projects? I would think the foundations are being firmed up nicely. You remember, don’t you? We are building something huge, yet personal, that is on par with Nehemiah’s wall around Jerusalem. The walls between society’s claim on your self esteem, where you fit in, living life as God intended you to. I have to tell you, it was this very thing that finally got me out the door this afternoon. I really was not looking forward to running 6 miles.

At All.

I asked out loud, “Do I REALLY want to run a half marathon??” and “why?” My husband said: “Yes you do, because you have inspired so many others to do something, to do more, who want to do it with you, its for them you want to do this.  You always come back home feeling so much better.” Deep breath on my part. Yep. He’s right. You guys were part of the motivation I needed to get out the door. It was not easy. I am in no way a “runner.” I wish I was. I am galvanized by them, articles in Runners World suggest that I can run too. I am stimulated by other runners, they seem like true athletes to me. There’s a little girl voice in my head saying, “I wanna be like them.” –kind of whiny like–So, I am trying.

What is your motivation for building your wall? I have noticed that if I continue to focus on my goal of the half marathon, and endure my training, the food has become “not so important.” This is a pleasant side effect. I have kind of done the weight watchers off and on, kind of “checking in” to see my food intake, but I am not obsessed about it, like I was a couple of weeks ago. I have some jeans that will always be tight, and some that aren’t, yet all are size 12’s. I am learning to just be okay with that. I also am not relegating the tight jeans to the back of the closet, I wear them and probably eat better that day. It is what it is. I am back to eating when I am hungry and stopping when I am full. I am making “good choices,” and I am happier. I think my wall is beginning to really take shape!

I do have a recipe I wanted to share with you all. Its my new favorite way to begin my day:

Its oatmeal, but its cold. Its SO good! Here’s what I did:

My son and I went through the organic bulk bins at our grocery store and bought a great assortment of grains. I mixed together and have stored in a gallon jar on the counter:

Regular oats, barley, rye, cracked wheat, Kamut and , thick-cut-oats. (they all look like different kinds of raw oats.)

Now, each night, after I grind the organic coffee, and prepare the coffee maker, I pull out one half cup of my grain mixture, add 1 cup of organic vanilla soy milk, 1 TBSP raisins (yep, organic) and 1 TBSP of sun flower seeds. I put it in the fridge over night and in the morning I add a bit of stevia and voila! Breakfast. Creamy, nutty, crunchy, ALL goodness! I am completely hooked. No cooking, no measuring out cereals, nothing. I just get up and pull on my robe, head to the kitchen and open the fridge door and breakfast is there and waiting.

Do you all have any quick, tasty breakfast recipes to share?

There are a couple of inspiring foodie magazines I like:

Clean Eating

Bon Appetite


Cooking Light

I may not make many of the recipes, but they are great resources for stimulating your menus, your thoughts on food, trends and taste combinations.

Hope everyone has a great start to their week!


About wannebechef

I am a mom of 3 home schooled kids, wife of 19 years, head chef/manager of cafe and a personal chef and event planner.
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3 Responses to day 6 symbolic wall building, breakfast recipe, catching up

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  2. Janey Backer says:

    Glad to hear from you again, I thought you were stuck at the cafe all week, drowning in cooking!

    I was so interested in doing the 52 day challenge and I forgot! So I will add it to my calendar to be pondering this. But I do know that I need to rebuild my morning routine and I need to really concentrate on my full sensation, I rarely listened to it and I need to let it speak and not ignore it. Because it is there and it does quietly tell me I have had enough even though my mouth wants more of the flavor. So I need to harness my tongue and listen to my stomach. Ironic!

    (btw, Nehemiah is who you mean from your other posts)

  3. wannebechef says:

    My goodness Janey! How silly of me! I went from Nehemiah to Ezra, to Haggai, to Zechariah in my morning studies and I slipped…thanks for catching that! 🙂 Good for you for realizing that about feeling full. I hope you find some success, in just being aware now. My personal goal has been not to eat in front of a screen, TV or computer…..and to really ask, “am i hungry? or just bored?” Good to hear from you! (I did get a lot of hours in the cafe this past week.)

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