pregnancy and garlic scapes

Yesterday was my 19th wedding anniversary. I took my husband on his first trail ride in 20 years. We packed a lunch of deli turkey sandwiches on whole grain bread with apple wood smoked cheddar. Along the ride we found an amazing patch of black caps which were added to the saddle bag to be enjoyed with our lunch. It was a fantastic day for a ride. We got to our spot and tied the horses up, while we enjoyed our view of Lake Pend Orielle and ate our lunch. Perfect! We ended the day with a barbecue dinner of grilled steak, a salad that was plucked from the garden 20 min. before it went into our mouths, and I experimented with swiss chard. I am not a fan of wilted, slimy greens, so this was big step for me. I heated some olive oil in the pan, tossed in a handful of pumpkin seeds, then some chopped garlic scapes, then the chopped swiss chard. I topped the chard with some grated ramano. Turned out pretty yummy.

Today my gardener husband has promised me more garlic-scapes. In the past I have made a pesto out of them, that was very tasty. I am looking forward to it again. Its especially tasty in a butter melted over a perfectly grilled steak. I have the itching to get some preserving done, but trying to find the time is prohibitive. I may be hiring the kids to pick raspberries to freeze for a later time to make jam!

This weekend I am hosting a croquet-themed baby shower for a dear friend. The mom-to-be is an ice cream lover, so we are tagging on an “ice cream social.” The weather looks like it will be fabulous. The ladies have been asked to wear white linen to keep cool, a pretty hat to shade their lovely eyes and some lawn friendly shoes. I plan on a buffet of ice creams and toppings (crushed cookies, brownies, granola, candy bars, broken pretzels etc) and sorbets (for those of us lactose intolerant AND watching our figure) a sweet drink or 2, some excellent coffee and some great camaraderie.  I am excited, but slightly overwhelmed.

How can you NOT feel good about body image with a beautifully pregnant woman in the midst?? That’s the human body performing at its best in my opinion! I was struggling with guilt and depression a bit, no time to work out etc, BUT, I have continued to make the best decisions possible and my scale and my clothes have rewarded me, and I have been privileged to spend time with my friend who is expecting her first child. That is what a healthy body is all about. Functioning at its best, doing what it was created to do. Amazing. I have the scars to prove that my body has also performed that miracle (three times). I have some saggy skin to prove it too. What a special reminder that our bodies, regardless of shape, size, weight, are incredible and beautifully made.


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I am a mom of 3 home schooled kids, wife of 19 years, head chef/manager of cafe and a personal chef and event planner.
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  1. moriha says:

    i could do with out that silly add geez!! lol

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