horse shows and baby showers and croquet, oh my!

Its July in North Idaho. If you are a resident of North Idaho, there is not ONE free weekend in the whole month.. For example, this weekend I camped at the fair grounds with my kids for the 4-H District show,

First place in showmanship at the District show

second place, showmanship, District show

while there I morphed into a “Lady” and dressed up for my hubby’s 20th reunion, for which he picked me up from the “6 Chicken Camper.” We returned home from the Fairgrounds just to jump into last minute final details before a baby-shower that we hosted in our yard!

Thursday I made garlic scape pesto, which we have put on EVERYTHING, from store bought pizza, to pasta, to burgers. YUM!

I had a bucket full of these lovelies....

into the processor they go, with some Parmesan and olive oil and salt and pepper

I kept one container in the fridge, the rest are in the freezer, waiting for some juicy red garden fresh tomatoes

How I do Baby Showers:

in the yard with beautiful North Idaho weather

No blindfolded diaper changing games, or baby food flavor guessing games here:

croquet was the game of the day

Food for the party: Ice Cream Social! We had several types of ice cream, tons of yummy toppings, 3 sorbet choices for me and other lactose intolerant people….no pictures, but it was a HIT! The mom-to-be loved it! Perfect for a busy horse show mom and caterer with completely booked weekends!

How I ended my baby-shower hosting day:

in the hammock with my hubby

Football season is just around the corner….here I was thinking I am busy Now…..

Until next time,


me (left) with mom-to-be


About wannebechef

I am a mom of 3 home schooled kids, wife of 19 years, head chef/manager of cafe and a personal chef and event planner.
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  1. wannebechef says:

    sure wish I could get rid of this stupid ad about belly fat! I apologize to you all.

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