fit enough for president??

So, you want to be president?

First question: What is your waist size?

Is this valid?

It definitely reflects on our culture today. We are defined by others based on our appearance. It’s the “American way”, is it not? What does Governor Christie’s weight communicate to you as an American voter? Does it matter to you? The size of his girth is making headlines, the morning news and even the entertainment news programs are discussing his weight.

So, how do you feel about this? I am in a quandary. I’ve been there, 278lbs, done that, and now I’m on the other side. Does it mean he has no self-control? Does it mean he has no self-discipline?  I will be honest, when I first heard he may consider running for president, my first thought was, “Hm, I wonder if the American public would allow him to represent our nation?” I doubt it. He somehow appears weak because of his girth. Is that a fair assumption? When, not that long ago, plump women and fat men meant prosperity. Now its different. Personally I am often saddened when I see severely obese people. Life is so much better when you can walk up the steps without losing your breath or worrying that you may blow a knee. So, what about Gov. Christie?  Could he just be a prosperous man? 332 lbs. President Taft was described as;

“It is good to see Big Bill Taft enter a room after a number of other men. He reminds you of a great battleship following the smaller vessels, coming into port with her brass bright and plowing deep. You feel that when a giant is so amiable it would be impolite not to agree with him; and, moreover, it would be unwise, considering that the power of the United States is behind him. Foreigners have observed that he looked like the United States personified whatever they mean by that. With his smile and his inflexible purpose he has managed to keep the gun covers on when a smaller man might have had to take them off. Besides, he does give the impression that if he did begin firing it would be in broadsides to the bitter end; and that helps in any negotiation.”

Sullivan, Mark. Our Times: 1900-1925 (Six volumes). New York: Charles Scribners’ Sons, 1926-1940.   [a] p. III-14 [b] p. III-14 quoting Arthur Brisbane [c] pp. III-15-16 quoting Frederick Palmer [d] pp. III-14-15 [e] p. III-15 [f] p. IV-408

I wonder what life would be like if we went back to those values.

here is a favorite snack of Pres. Taft’s, since we are after all, a food based blog:

“Deviled Almonds
One of Taft’s weaknesses was salted almonds. He nibbled on them whenever he had the chance…Fixed this way, the almonds made especially tempting nibblies for Taft…
Blanched almonds
Put 1/2 pound blanched almonds into a preheated skillet with 2 ounces of butter. Saute the nuts until they are a light brown. drain on absorbant paper. The place the nuts in a cake pan, sprinkle cayenne and salt lighly over them; shake well, so the seasoning is spread evenly around the nuts. Serve hot. One half pound almonds was, as far as President Taft was concerned, too much for one, not enough for two.”
The Presidents’ Cookbook (p. 386)


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I am a mom of 3 home schooled kids, wife of 19 years, head chef/manager of cafe and a personal chef and event planner.
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One Response to fit enough for president??

  1. devinleehoff says:

    Very interesting post! We actually just talked about this in one of our classes, and mentioned Taft. & if only we could go back to those values.

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