2011, in the books, now its time to write MY book!

2011 is nearly in the books. I have found some pictures that take me through the year, and ends with me ready to write MY book….2012 will be My year to get MY book done!

This is where we began 2011, at a little cabin by the lake…..oh, how I wish we had snow now! Also where and when I finally figured out that I was severely lactose intolerant. Darn it!

In February we went to the Idaho State Capital, a 13hr. bus ride…..

March was a mishap in the garage….you really should bleed the brakes before you use them, automatic door openers vs. van…my hubby did it, not me!

Easter in April, we went for a trail ride and found the snow!

the garden comes to life in May in North Idaho

Rebekah had her first piano recital in June…

The kids and I had our own horse camp before heading to the 4-h horse camp, in June

July was INSANELY busy, as is par for the course in North Idaho. Somehow we found time for a trail ride, and this was dinner afterward.

Huge catered event, Dr. Bird’s 90th birthday party, beginning of July….300+ people

My amazing crew! In July, for the big events

I also found time to host a garden baby shower for a dear friend, in July 2011

July is also our anniversary month, we went on a trail ride together, first time in 20 +/- years!

July is also the month for horse shows….this one is the 4-h county show, both girls placed so well!

The District horse show followed one week after the county show, look at those tired smiles!

August was quiet, finally!

September brought tons of new changes, the 2 oldest kids went to school for the first time, after home schooling for the first 10 years of their school years…

September also brings FOOTBALL!!!

September’s first win!

My youngest has her birthday in September, this was our annual birthday trail ride….


My son injured his knee in an October game, here is with the team before a final play off game….

Post surgery, 2 days before Halloween…

November brought on the final big catering event….LOT’S of appetizers..

Veterans Day event at the Museum 11-11-11….where were you??


Which brings us to the coming year. I do not want to make any resolutions. Something about it seems “hokey” or silly. It doesn’t seem like anyone ever has a successful resolution to share three months from now anyway, unless they happen to be a paid spokesperson from some weight loss company. I do have a plan. The next 3-4 months for me are very quiet when it comes to cooking and catering, which a good time to focus on things I don’t have time for the rest of the year. Since my husband has been getting me more and more pieces to my weight set, I am making a plan to use it! I can’t wait to get the garage back in order (since he “unpacked” from elk camp, the garage is a bit un-useable) and get my weight lifting area set up and get my “sweat” on!

My other big idea that I will begin this week will be the writing of my cook book. I have a book in me, its time to not procrastinate on it anymore. My grandma has been asking me to write a book for years, and now she also asks that I do it before she dies……no pressure!

Every single seminar or event I catered this past season the guests asked if I had a cook book they could buy.  I want this cook book to be personal, not just a collection of recipes, but a story, and inspiration. I gained 110 pounds in my 20’s and kept it on for  nearly 10 years. Then, things in my head changed and I found out who I was, and I began the work needed to lose it. In that time I also became a head chef at Percussionaire Corporation here in North Idaho, manager of their museum cafe and special events caterer for the Museum as well as their personal events.

So, I would love to hear ANY ideas you may have on a cookbook, from a self made chef, who has been there 278lbs. and done that165lbs, yet is deeply enmeshed in food–good food, rich food, NOT DIET food and KEPT it off…..

I’ll take all ideas!

Happy New Year!


About wannebechef

I am a mom of 3 home schooled kids, wife of 19 years, head chef/manager of cafe and a personal chef and event planner.
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