2nd Half of the beginning

So, I made a private challenge unknown to all but my husband. I decided I would start training for walking a half marathon. I adopted a lower carb diet (notice, LOWER carb diet, NOT CARB free) and got down to business. I researched online a bit, found a free training schedule that fit the timeline I had for a local half marathon, then I focused. I quit my job, honestly telling my boss that I didn’t enjoy it anymore and that was tough on me because I loved cooking. I changed our phone number and kept it unlisted, so that I had a firm boundary between myself and my mother’s insanity. I began to walk. I began to believe in myself. I did, unconsciously what all the experts tell you, I PUT MYSELF FIRST. I remember the first day I walked 4 miles. I felt invincible. I LOVED looking down and seeing MY feet walking a sure and cadenced march onward. I pictured my heart getting stronger and stronger as I worked it by going up hills that before had made me sit back down on the couch. I was pumping my heart, like pumping iron, it had to be gaining in strength. I was seen by our neighbors on a daily basis, walking and walking. I silently challenged my friends to notice my changing body. I started in mid-January, and by May I was down 40 pounds and my girl friends were noticing. I still hadn’t told anyone what I was doing, but I started getting the “once-overs” from my friends. This made me secretly giddy. I would show up to soccer practice and a girl friend would be there to drop off her child and we’d have a quick exchange in which I could see she was trying to look, without being rude and obvious. Finally, at a birthday lunch my girl friends had for me, I let my cat out of the bag. They were so supportive and loving. Three of them volunteered to walk the half marathon with me, I know they could have easily ran it. During this time, I began to look at my food as fuel for training, not just food. I studied a lot and learned the basics of good nutrition. I cut as much “white” stuff out of my diet as possible. White bread, flour, rice, potatoes. I doubled and sometimes tripled my servings of vegetables on my plate to be full. It worked. When I finished my journey, I dropped 110 pounds of insecurities, 110 pounds of hurt, 110 pounds of fear. I found Me again. I found the Me I always felt I was. Now I ride horses again, I lift weights, I jog, I cook, I live


About wannebechef

I am a mom of 3 home schooled kids, wife of 19 years, head chef/manager of cafe and a personal chef and event planner.
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