Put on your B.G.P. and begin, THEN we can talk.


Its the hardest part about nearly every single thing we do.

Get out of bed….hard to do when the thermometer reads below freezing and the fire has burned out.

Get outside, on the road to work your lungs….hard to do when you have to layer so many clothes just to be comfortable, knowing you will be uncomfortably warm w/in 10-15 minutes of your hill climbs, but back to shivering on your way down those very same hills.

Get in the garage with the iron, or in front of the DVD, or into the gym, whatever it is you do, especially hard when your workout clothes are dirty, when you didn’t get adequate sleep, when your schedule is already so full for the day, when you don’t know if you should eat first, eat after, work your lats, your quads, shower??

Get the house chores done, hard when Pinterest calls your name, when Facebook beckons, when favorite bloggers are writing what they live….


Get the finances in order, hard when you don’t want to open the mail, when the paycheck isn’t going to be enough to do all you hoped to do, when email is full….

Getting your poor food intake habits changed is hard when you’re addicted to sugar, carbs, when you’re addicted to convenience, when its so much easier to be lazy, when you’re trying to over come a lifetime of bad choices, poor habits, a lifetime of excuses, its not your fault you gained weight, you had surgery, you had babies, you work late shifts, you don’t have money to buy good food, you don’t have time to cook…..need I go on?

Here’s the thing. The beginning is always the hardest part, but once you are in motion things seem to take care of themselves. There isn’t much more for you to think about, to plan out, to prepare ahead for…

…as you slip out of bed, you’re already moving forward to the next task…getting dressed (in work out clothes) getting to the bathroom before your 15.5 yr. old daughter, getting that first cup of coffee…..the worst part was the beginning, and it was so short, so quick, over so soon, can you believe you even wasted any energy on whining about it??

….face it, it really doesn’t take but much more than maybe an extra 15 seconds to pull your long johns on first, before your workout pants, and once you’ve spent that 15 seconds on the task, you’re done, ready to head out….what were you whining about again?? Just give it another 10-15 minutes, you’ll be warmer, your endorphins will kick in and regardless of rain or shine you’ll be so much happier and proud of yourself that you BEGAN….

…oh my. The garage was a hard one for me today. Whatever it was, I was reluctant to get out there among the weights and benches. I just didn’t want to. BUT, knowing as I do that I always feel so much better about myself (this is a BIG thing for me) I figured I’d better just get out there and BEGIN. 40 minutes later, my legs are shaky and I am dripping in sweat and I feel like I can take on the world (or the laundry that NEVER ends!—or heck, even the soap scum that’s been pissing me off lately) You know what? It didn’t take long at all for me to get past the beginning of the work out to feel better…maybe 5 minutes, maybe.

…housework. I’ve timed it. I can get the breakfast dishes and the few carry-overs from the night before, washed in the time it takes for my oatmeal to cook in the microwave and my eggs to cook on the stove top…..simple.  Beginning is the worst part. I’d rather whine, moan about why the Dish Fairy wants to go on strike.  In the time I whine, the time I think about it, its done, if I would have just BEGUN it would have been done sooner.

…..money sucks. I hate money. I wish we bartered for things. Ugh. My mail piles up over the week and I finally reach a critical day, when I know that this or that is due and I HAVE to do it now. I even procrastinate the day its due, I’ll do it after lunch, I’ll do it after study. Just look at that pile, I don’t wanna even begin. blah. BUT you know what? Most of the time, it takes me 15 measly minutes to get everything financial in order, taken care of, paid, saved etc.  The hardest part is just sitting down with my check book, mail and computer…..just the beginning. Go figure.

…..Poor food choices lead to so many other poor choices. Why have we succumbed to prepackaged, factory produced crap? ugh. This IS hard. If you don’t start, you’ll never change. If you don’t BEGIN taking a record, being responsible for what you voluntarily put into your mouth, you’ll never change. How could you?  You can exercise until you’re blue (or bright red as the case may be) in the face and if you continue to eat crap, you will not BEGIN to see anything different, feel anything different other than frustrations, bitterness, woe-is-me crap. I have a bit of “tough love” in me. I cannot deal with those (especially women) who don’t help themselves, who don’t even try to help themselves. I cannot pardon a “victim” mentality. I lose patience and become angry with those. You make your choice. You choose to BEGIN a better day, a better habit, a better life. Do you know I worked with a lady who was constantly “on a diet”, only her choices sucked! She ate toast…white-add-elmers-glue-to-and-make-a-craft-project bread, toast with fake butter, the stuff that is one molecule from plastic and cinnamon and sugar…as her breakfast. Then nothing for lunch, and dinner would be a small take out meal from a fast-kill-your-liver-food-restaurant. She walked miles. Couldn’t figure out why she didn’t feel better. I suggested drinking h2o instead of diet sugar water….get this: h2o upset her tummy. BAH! That was it. I was done. Patience threshold exceeded beyond returning to care anymore. If you don’t take responsibility for you, your choices, your excuses, don’t come whining to me. I will tell you to BEGIN….put on your Big Girl Panties (B.G.P.)  and BEGIN. Then we can talk.



About wannebechef

I am a mom of 3 home schooled kids, wife of 19 years, head chef/manager of cafe and a personal chef and event planner.
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